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The all-in-one business solution

With technology paving the way towards new developments, accessing, finding, and sharing information is easier than ever before. With a simple click we can make your daily tasks simpler and more efficient. Our sophisticated technology here at SPHERE CARD, LLC is ready for you to use at your own convenience. Download our amazing App today and see how it can change your life!

Paving the Way to an Easier Business Life
Start creating new business relationships today!
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Why the SphereCard?

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We wondered: what does it take to streamline lead generation so anyone (with no technical background) can use it to get even more business? Would that be possible?


Running a business is hard whether small or large. Especially if you’ve got tough competition. This is why: it is necessary to think ahead of the game and creatively do things.


This holds true for promoting your product or service as well. If you’re doing things like everyone else, nobody is going to remember you. But if you do things out-of-the-box, it will leave a good, lasting impression, and people will think of you when they need you.


But not everyone has the technical skills or resources to be creative when it comes to promoting their business. This led us to wonder: is there anything we can do to help everyday people promote their business better using digital skills, so they don’t get left behind?


We thought: “Would that even be possible?”


After spending 100s of hours and 1000s of dollars researching and prototyping, we came up with an innovative mobile platform, which helped shape how people promote their business.


We call it: My SphereCard.

SphereCard is a platform that changes how you do business.


SphereCard allows you to promote your business from your mobile in just a few taps.

Unlike other platforms, SphereCard is more than a virtual business card.


With it, you can:

Create a high-converting video-based landing page in just a few taps.


  • Share your page with anyone via message, e-mail, or social media.

  • Voice & Video Chat, text, make appointments and follow up directly within the app.

  • Save contact details of anyone you’re sending your SphereCard to automatically.

  • Get notified about important appointments via our built-in calendar.

  • And much more to come (in future updates).


Plus, you connect with 1000s of diverse visionaries (from around the globe) who are interested in growing and collaborating with like-minded and talented people like you.

But Wait! There’s more…


With SphereCard, we take privacy as seriously as it gets. This is why every piece of information you see inside our app is encrypted. No one except you can see your communications with the app. This means nobody (not even us) can access your information or share it with anyone else.


And to keep the user experience great, we have kept this app ad-free!

So what’s the wait?


Download SphereCard today and start growing your business better than 90% of people.



Available on Web, Android and iOS.

Giving everyone the convenience to do business anywhere within their busy lifestyle.

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Making it easy to build good customer relationships to grow your business

Your Leading Remote Customer Service App On the Market

African American Customer Call Center Ag
Online Support

The SphereCard is easy to set up in minutes, but if you are busy we can set it up for you. Simply contact support.

Top Security

Information shared within our application is encrypted in such a way that only authorized parties can access it.

Fast Performance

We are constantly finding ways to make you work with speed and efficiency. 

Personalize Features Highlight 

My SphereCard Dashboard allows you to personalize your marketing anytime.

Apply custom colors, Update promotional text, Change phone number, View Visit Counter, Voice Video Chat, Conference Calling, Upload photos, Upload Video, Send/Receive Messages, Notification, Appointment Maker, Share Card, Upload your company logo to your SphereCard for example: ​​

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SphereCard Builds Consumer Confidence

VeriSatisfied Award badge system gives the consumer confidence that you are reputable, accountable, and committed to the Customer Satisfaction Policy. 




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My SphereCard Web Landing Page
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What People are Saying

Making Strides

“I like the direct message feature with notification. I prefer to use it more than email. It is important to me that my clients can upload documents and sends them directly to me without having to find it among a lot of emails or it gets rerouted to spam box. It gives me a dedicated real estate transaction message center."

“I was a bit skeptical about purchasing but the price was a drop in the bucket. I am glad I did. I completely underestimated it. It makes me market myself even unconsciously and organize routine tasks now that it has become second nature to use it."

“I like the Share feature a lot. It makes it easy for me to get a person's name and number to whom I am sharing MYSphereCard. Normally, I give out my business cards and rarely ask for the person's number but now I save their name and phone number to my contact list while sharing. This app has several unique features that I am still discovering all the benefits. Thumbs up.”




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Your Confidentiality is our Priority

Unlike free apps, we do not collect your personal information for revenue or use pop ads that take away your business's primary focus. Our subscription fee preserves your confidentiality in SPHERE CARD Remote Customer Relationship & Marketing technology.

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What started off as an App to tackle one specific industry has grown into an automated and intricate technology managing to make a breakthrough in the world of Remote Customer Service & Marketing. Since 2017 SPHERE CARD, LLC has been building its technology to make business users’ lives easier by offering a wide range of customer service and marketing features through its extensive platform.