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My SphereCard the business relationship business card.

Start Building
New Business
Relationship & Reviving Old Ones Today!

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My SphereCard icon

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Free My SphereCard Basic
Free My SphereCard Basic

Free My SphereCard basic with your business listing in Find My SphereCard directory.

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My SphereCard icon
My SphereCard icon

My SphereCard icon on the homescreen.

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"Are you still using Paper Business Cards in Today's Lifestyle?"

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Although paper business cards are a great 17th Century peer-to-peer marketing concept, they aren't a great fit today.


In today's age, paper business cards are a burden for people to keep them. You cannot update a paper business card's contact information without ordering a new batch. Easy to lose or misplace. Not easily recalled for use. Users cannot click to call you—limited information about your service or offers. Collecting business cards at trade shows is burdensome.

Or the Solution.
Almost the same price but greater results!

Use the Solution
Almost the same price but greater results!

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Customer growth starts when customers share your service and offers.

Your Satisfaction is Our #1 Goal

Online Support

The SphereCard is easy to set up in minutes, but if you are busy, we can set it up for you. Simply contact support.

Information shared within our application is encrypted, so only authorized parties can access it.

Fast Performance

We are constantly finding ways to make you work with speed and efficiency. 

My SphereCard Builds Consumer Confidence

VeriSatisfied Award badge system gives the consumer confidence that you are reputable, accountable, and committed to the Customer Satisfaction Policy. 


SphereCard good customer service award

It inspires good customer relationships,
and business growth.

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The one business card & customer support app allows everyone to do more in their busy lifestyle.

What People are Saying

Making Strides

“I like the direct message feature with notification. I prefer to use it more than email. It is important to me that my clients can upload documents and sends them directly to me without having to find it among a lot of emails or it gets rerouted to spam box. It gives me a dedicated real estate transaction message center."

"What I like best about this app is that it does everything. Usually, I have to use two or three apps to do what this app does. I love the video chat and messaging. I also love that clients have access to my online flyer maker so they can print my flyer with a QR code from my web app."

"This is a big difference from my old real estate business card. I like the Share feature a lot. It makes it easy for me to get a person's name and number with whom I am sharing MYSphereCard. Normally, I give out my business cards and rarely ask for the person's number, but now I save their name and phone number to my contact list while sharing. This app has several unique features that I am still discovering all the realtor business card benefits. Thumbs up."




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My SphereCard

The only business card you will ever need TM


Your Confidentiality
is our Priority 
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SphereCard Consumer Protection.png
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