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We created Real Estate Profinder to give consumer confidence in real estate professionals found on the site. We invite feedback from the customers or clients of the Pro to establish trust and customer loyalty. At Real Estate Profinder we use a net promoter score system to get quick resolve from a real estate pro if an issue arises. We do not use a star system because it lacks real-time resolution.  We don’t claim that we can determine from outside a transaction that we know how competent a professional is by how high he has sold a house in the past. There are too many variables that determine what is in the best in the interest of the consumer, so we believe rather than jumping to the assumption we should provide a system to resolve consumer issues in real time.


Real estate Profinder creates a win-win situation that consumers get reputable professionals in exchange for giving complaints or compliments to motivate quality standards. This system reduces the possibility of a disgruntled consumer taking an issue to the commission or to other legal measures. A satisfied customer will share your My SphereCard with their sphere of influence. Consumers do not go through a middleman to get a Pro. The consumer gets direct access to the pro of their choice free of cost.


Giving Consumers and professionals the convenience to do business anywhere within their busy lifestyle

Providing a Number 1 Service

Our technology is always evolving and we will periodically update to make you have a great experience.

Fast Performance

We are constantly finding ways to make you work with speed and efficiency. 

Online Support

Technology constantly needs maintenance and our support team is there for the times when any issues appear. Have a question for Support? 

Top Security

Information shared within our application is encrypted in such a way that only authorized parties can access it.

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Personalize Your Experience

The demo on the left will give you ideas of how it can work for your business. When you get your My SphereCard you will be able to personalize it in minutes so that you can put it to use immediately.

Accessible from All Locations

Anywhere there is cellular service, wifi or internet service you will be able to access your MySphereCard and do your transaction.

Button Highlights


The Favorite Button Instant recalls My SphereCard for quick access.


Users will save your contact with ease

With a click of the button and the contact information get saved into the user’s contact list with the link to your My SphereCard.



Users are able to share the My SphereCard with ease to numerous applications.


Message organizes your clients and their transactions. The message button allows real estate pros and consumers to upload pdf documents and photos. It provides your own message board that organizes transactions and communication that is sent or received.  A notification is sent when a message is received.



Real estate agents can link their IDX search site or they can purchase from our third-party partner.

Please note Pros who are Home Inspectors, Lenders, & Title Agents: The Property Search and Home Value buttons illustrated here will be customized according to the Pro type needs.


The Home value request is sent directly to the real estate agent by default. The real estate agent can link their automated home value site instead of the default request form.  

Features & How to Use

  • Basic Profile Dashboard. Free Registration. You will be able to edit your basic profile. Consumers will be able to search by name to see your basic free profile. It includes the Accreditation feature.

  • Premium Profile Dashboard. You will be able to set up and edit your About You, Your Service Area, Your Specialty, photos, Appointment Maker, Upload Logo, and Your Company information, Select Blogs to show on your My SphereCard, etc.

  • The My SphereCard is available on iPhones, Androids and the web.

  • My SphereCard Share. MY SphereCard can be used by anyone to share your Sphere Card to others

  • Use Favorite to save other professionals regularly use to the home screen of the app.

  • Consumers can save your My SphereCard to the home screen of the app.

  • Users can click to call directly from your Sphere Card

  • Social Media Connect. Display your social media connection on your Sphere Card

  • Select a blog(s) from the Insight library and showcase it as your own on your My SphereCard

  • Appointment Maker

  • Schedule your availability

  • Fair Housing/Lending Symbol Embedded

  • Views Counter

  • Monitor how many users are using your My SphereCard

  • Reputation Protect (Net Promoter Score). You get a Net Promoter Score system (NPS) that allows you to initiate feedback to measure and secure your client's and customer's loyalty to your service.

  • Get Home Value (Real Estate Agent). Enable consumers to send home value request directly to you from your MY SphereCard

  • Property Search (Real Estate Agent). Real estate agents will be able to link their IDX sites. An IDX is available for purchase from our partner.

  • 2 Redirect Buttons (Inspectors, Title Agents, Lenders). There are two buttons available to redirect to the sites of choice

  • No third party ads are shown on your Sphere Card. No Spam.

  • Upload a promotion video

  • Upload your company logo to your My SphereCard for example: ​​


We've Come a Long Way

Connection that Matters

SPHERE CARD is a partner of Real Estate Profinder technology. Real Estate Profinder is a search system that consumers use to find reputable real estate professionals. Consumers get free access to real estate professionals that maintain the VeriSatisfied Award on their My SphereCard. The service is free of cost to consumers and real estate professionals.

My SphereCard logo signifies the importance of the Sphere of Influence each person has. It symbolizes that My SphereCard is made to share.

VeriSatisfied Award badge gives the consumer confidence that you are reputable, accountable, and committed to the Real Estate Profinder Customer Satisfaction Policy.

Easy Access by Web or Mobile 
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What People are Saying

Making Strides

“I like the direct message feature with notification. I prefer to use it more than email. It is important to me that my clients can upload documents and sends them directly to me without having to find it among a lot of emails or it gets rerouted to spam box. It gives me a dedicated real estate transaction message center."

“I was a bit skeptical about purchasing but the price was a drop in the bucket. I am glad I did. I completely underestimated it. It makes me market myself even unconsciously and organize routine tasks now that it has become second nature to use it."

“I like the Share feature a lot. It makes it easy for me to get a person's name and number to whom I am sharing MYSphereCard. Normally, I give out my business cards and rarely ask for the person's number but now I save their name and phone number to my contact list while sharing. This app has several unique features that I am still discovering all the benefits. Thumbs up.”





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