My SphereCard 

Keeping businesses linked to their clients around the globe.


The ultimate business card for growing business

  • You will never run out of cards.

  • You will never lose clients because you change your info.

  • Sharing cards have never been easier.

  • No more oversights message because you get a notification.

  • No more looking through tons of email to find your important documents.

  • No more carrying around a stack of cards.

  • It makes it easy for friends and associates to share referrals with you.

  • It is a time saver.

  • Give you the flexibility to go worldwide and still do business.

  • Find My SphereCard web directory makes easy to be found on the web.

  • Any existing website can quickly become a part of the app.

  • Always provide an excellent presentation of your skills with slideshow display and video.

  • Access your Card easily from the web or your app from any computer or mobile device.

  • Accept PayPal payments.


Regardless of your profession or job type, there is a SphereCard for you.

Connecting Businesses to Consumers
Marketing at your Fingertips
It's hygienically safe to share and receive.
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Our technology is always evolving and we periodically update to make you have a great experience.

Giving Consumers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and business employees the convenience to do business anywhere within their busy lifestyle.

It's great to nurture and grow your business

Providing a Number 1 Customer Service

Online Support

The SphereCard is easy to set up in minutes, but if you are busy we can set it up for you. Simply contact support.

Top Security

Information shared within our application is encrypted in such a way that only authorized parties can access it.

Fast Performance

We are constantly finding ways to make you work with speed and efficiency. 


A Feature Highlight 

  • SPHERE CARD Dashboard. You will be able to set up and edit About You, View Visit Counter, Service Area, Specialty, Upload photos, Appointment Maker, Upload a promotion video, Company information, and Upload your company logo to your My SphereCard for example: ​​

SphereCard Builds Consumer Confidence

VeriSatisfied Award badge gives the consumer confidence that you are reputable, accountable, and committed to the Customer Satisfaction Policy. We created SPHERE CARD, LLC to give consumer confidence the freelancers, entrepreneurs, and business employees found on the site. We invite feedback from the customers or clients of the Card Owner to establish trust and customer loyalty. At SPHERE CARD, we use a net promoter score system to get quick resolve from a Card Owner if an issue arises. We do not use a star system because it lacks real-time resolution. 



Easy Access by Web or Mobile Directory 

What People are Saying

Making Strides

“I like the direct message feature with notification. I prefer to use it more than email. It is important to me that my clients can upload documents and sends them directly to me without having to find it among a lot of emails or it gets rerouted to spam box. It gives me a dedicated real estate transaction message center."

“I was a bit skeptical about purchasing but the price was a drop in the bucket. I am glad I did. I completely underestimated it. It makes me market myself even unconsciously and organize routine tasks now that it has become second nature to use it."

“I like the Share feature a lot. It makes it easy for me to get a person's name and number to whom I am sharing MYSphereCard. Normally, I give out my business cards and rarely ask for the person's number but now I save their name and phone number to my contact list while sharing. This app has several unique features that I am still discovering all the benefits. Thumbs up.”




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Changing With The Times

Paper Business Card vs. SphereCard

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Every person starting a business need to be known, and the single most cost-effective thing that people relied on to get the word out is business cards. However, there are drawbacks to the old paper cards. Making changes to information already printed most times makes the card owner lose customers and makes them feel like they are always starting over. The business cards' space is limited to giving a potential customer a good idea of the business owner's capability. SPHERE CARD, LLC's sole purpose is to improve the business card's experience of the past. With our technology, we have improved on the great things a business card does.

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