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Get a free SphereCard to use for any purpose and make money by introducing others to the business card of the future that is here called My SphereCard. This business card is much better than a paper business card. See what it does click here. Join now and become a SphereCard Sales Partner (SP) or Managing Sales Partner (MSP).

To get a SphereCard under this program requires that you get two people to join per month. A sales quota is quarterly assessed, and at that time, you should have at least six people subscribe. For each person you get to subscribe to a SphereCard, you get $20.00 (326.63 ZAR).

You will have access to a discount promo code to use at your discretion valued $5 (81.66 ZAR) to discount the subscription cost. However, if you use that option, your commission earnings are reduced to $15.00 (245.01 ZAR). Meeting your minimum quarterly quota, you should earn a minimum payment of $90.00 - $120.00 (1,470.03 ZAR  – 1,960.16 ZAR). There is no cap. Payment is made monthly.

You achieve earnings after the subscriber's 7-day trial ended on the yearly plan. There is no commission on the monthly subscription option—however,  you get quota credit on a monthly sign up.

A SPHERE CARD Partner means that you are an independent sales contractor. We will not withhold your taxes on your earnings. You will be responsible for paying your taxes.

SPHERE CARD Sales Partner

SSP Compensation Example

Platinum Star Partner: 6 per day x per 5 days = $600.00/wk. (9,800 ZAR/wk).  ($2,400.00/mo.) (39,203.75 ZAR/mo.).

Gold Star Partner: 5 per day x per 5 days = $500.00/wk (8,167.79 ZAR/wk).  ($2,000.00/mo.) (32,658.22 ZAR/mo.).

Silver Star Partner: 4 per day x per 5 days = $400/wk. 6,533.08 ZAR/wk  ($1,600.00/mo.) (26,132.34ZAR/mo.).

To register, go to http://findmysphercard.com/join-now. You will need to sign up using a valid email. Make sure you verify your email after registering. Sometimes the verification email will be in your spam folder. For a password, use 12345678. (You will able to change your password after your SphereCard is activated). After registration, please submit us your name, address, phone number & your login email so we can start your card: spherecardpartner@findmyspherecard.com.

Our Promotional Website: http://myspherecard.com

SphereCard Cost US $68.99/yr. (1,126.97 ZAR/yr. South Africa).

Managing Sales Partner

Managing Partner duties is to recruit SphereCard Sales Partners

The MP will earn ($10/ea. (163.349 ZAR/ea.)) of the sales of Sale Partner. The MP will be responsible for collecting all Payment Forms from Sales Partner and submit them to SPHERE CARD, LLC for processing payment. The MP will consolidate the required payment information from all Sales Partner then submit it to get MP compensation.

How MP Compensation Works

MP recruits Mary:

Sales Partner Mary gets Mr. A, B, C, and D to purchase a subscription of the SphereCard. The payment form total to $80.00 (1,306.84 ZAR). ($20 x 4 subscriptions = $80.00). This model is without a subscription discount.

MP recruits David:

Sales Partner David gets Ms. 1, 2, 3, and 4 to purchase a subscription of the SphereCard. The payment form total to $80.00 (1,306.84 ZAR). ($20 x 4 subscriptions = $80.00). This model is without a subscription discount.

Mary and David will submit their payment form to MP. Then MP will forward the form to SPHERE CARD, LLC. to receive compensation for SP. MP will submit MP payment form to receive compensation for A,B,C,D,1,2,3,4 that total to $80.00 (1,306.84 ZAR) ($10/ea. (163.354 ZAR/ea.)) to receive payment.

In Mary and David being Platinum based on the above example, the MP would earn a compensation of $600/wk. Use the SPHERE CARD SP example for compensation weekly and monthly payment for the gold and silver models.

See below for a sample of the payment form:

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