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In case no one is noticing, people worldwide are depending on their smartphone for everything. Why? We are stepping into the age of technology. App technology algorithms are to make doing various tasks more efficient and productive. In so doing, a technique has speeded up the way we work and has leveled the playing field worldwide. Smartphone technology is now an intricate part of everyone's life around the world. As people learn all the competences of apps designed to their specific needs on the smartphone, they value their device more and more. That is why many people are spending over $1,000 US for these devices; in the past, who would envision that? The smartphones are using more than desktop computers these days because it does not tie anyone down to one spot. They can be mobile, allowing them to multi-task so they can accomplish more in less time; This is why smartphones are becoming today's norm.

The future of technology will be changing the way we do everything, and whether or, not a person embraces the change, it is here to stay. For instance, people are even looking past gasoline-powered cars to electric cars; that is a long way from horse and buggy. Just think a horse and carriage will take you from A to B like the electric car but not in the same comfort or speed. Would you want to ride on a horse and buggy in today's world as your regular form of transportation? Take a look at Amazon; for example, the founder embraces technology, and within a few years, Amazon has become a force to reckon. The fact is, without technology, it is as if you are using a horse and buggy to get around.


What is the point of this article? It is to let the reader recognize that with technology, we have to adapt to new ways of doing the same old things. For instance, most business people would casually meet someone and give them their business card with hopes that one day, the person would call to do business with them. Ninety-seven percent of the time, they never asked the person they have passed their card out to for their phone number because they never thought of it, think it would feel awkward, or did not want to come across as too aggressive. However, the narrative changes when you introduce technology into the equation. For instance, how about saying to someone you met upon departing, "It was nice talking with you let me get your phone number so I can share the My SphereCard business card app with you so that you will have it anytime you need it."99.9 percent of people will give you their phone number; so now you created a lead for yourself. Using this method, you do not come over awkward or too aggressive in asking for the person's phone number.

Many consumers will be intrigued by finding another use for their smartphone. It also presents an excellent follow-up phone call from you to ask them if they downloaded the app to make it easy for them to find out all the things they need to know about the selling or buying of real estate. Inform them that it is easy to contact you and save your number into their contact right from your SphereCard.

You should let them save you as their favorite, so they can instantly recall you from the app so you will be available to answer any questions they may have. Also, when you have them register as a consumer, they will be able to send and receive secure messages between you both. That practice allows you to see within your message feature the list of your consumers as it grows all within your app. When a consumer registers and connects to you through the message feature, you will be able to push notification to the consumer at will that shows part of your message on the consumer's smartphone. This messaging feature also will remind you where you left off with your communication with the consumer, which is very helpful to recall when dealing with multiple consumers.


Consumers prefer to do business with likable business people. Your marketing should convey the persona that you are a friendly person. It is not a good idea to say you are approachable; it is better to show it, so the appearance of your friendliness is in your delivery. A video of people talking about you that you are helpful is acceptable or a video of you telling of how you can help must convey that you have a warm persona. Being warm makes people feel relax to talk to you and open up so you can discover their needs to create the perfect solution for them. When people don't feel at ease with you, then often, it leads to a misunderstanding that creates frivolous complaints about you.

In conclusion, the age of technology creates a learning curve in that we have not reinvented the wheel but instead improve it. A simple example is someone watching a commercial, and wants to get the phone number before the screen changes; meanwhile, they have their smartphone beside them but never thought of using it to take a picture of the commercial. Instead, they look for paper and pencil to write the name and phone number, resorting to old habits. When if a person took a photo of the television commercial, it would eliminate the possibility of an error in copying the phone number wrong and missing the information. In this example, it shows a waste of time by doing it the old fashion way. Plus, you can always print out a copy of the photo to have a paper copy as a backup. In that way, the old paper way supports the speed of the new method.

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Phone carriers are moving from 3G and 4G to 5G, which is a faster way of sending and downloading information to smart mobile devices. When 5G is available worldwide, your device will be able to host artificial intelligence to handle the routine marketing chores that will free you up to manage your profession.

My SphereCard digital business card app is great for local and international networking.

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