How it Works

With COVID-19, people try to devise a way to keep their business going while social distancing. The businesses that have managed to keep moving ahead in spite of COVID-19 are businesses that already applied virtual technology, such as Amazon, Google, and communication companies. Virtual technology apps allow people to do the same old things more quickly and efficiently.

With our App, you can accomplish Communication, Marketing, Presentation, Reputation, and Accessibility with less effort, whether you like to work on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or cellphone. To explain, we will demonstrate how it will fit into your daily life that includes real estate agents, home inspectors, lenders (loan officers), and title agents.


1. A critical duty of a real estate professional is to inform their client of an issue in a reasonable time.  Currently, you probably shoot a text to your clients at times and essential materials you send by email. Those two lines of communication make you have to look in two different areas to piece everything together. With email, you have to look if your document ended up in spam, or you have to look through many emails to find that particular document. Your client is subjected to the same issue and even more because they don't have a dedicated email for your communication.

Product Solution: The SPHERE CARD has a message feature that your client can message you and send documents to you. There is also a file system that also stores documents separately for instant recall. All your client's/customer's communication focus in one place, so there is no confusion. A real estate professional that let all their client's/customer's signup as a consumer to use the Message feature can keep their communication organize between them and their client's/customers. When you send your client a Contract or amendment, a notification will appear on their device. This feature allows flexibility for the real estate professional to handle their business on-the-go.

How to use: To use this feature, all your clients/customers have to do is download the free Real Estate Profinder mobile app or use on the web so that your consumer registers and sign in. From the menu, they click on "Find Pro" and enter your name. Your Card pops up, and your client/customer clicks on Message. You both can send messages back and forth. Your client can click on Favorite on your Card, and it will save your Card to a button on your client's app home screen for quick recall to your Card.


2. As a self employer, you know the need to market yourself continually, so you usually get business cards and hand them out. By sharing your Card, you hope that people will keep it to use it one day. Most times, real estate professionals pass out cards to people but rarely ask for their phone number because they don't want to come off creepy or pushy.

Product Solution: The SPHERE CARD has a share feature that you can share it with someone's mobile phone, email, or social media with just a click. People are intrigued by technology more than before. For instance, how about saying to someone you met upon departing, "It was nice talking with you let me get your phone number so I can share My Sphere Card with you so that you will have it anytime you need it." 99.9 percent they will give you their phone number, so now you created a lead for yourself. Using this method, you do not come over awkward or too aggressive in asking for the person's phone number. Furthermore, in this age of COVID-19, people will appreciate you sharing a virtual card rather than a paper card.

How to use: To use the Share feature to share with other people's mobile phones, you must use the mobile App. Click on Consumer, skip sign in, and go to the app home screen. Use "Find Pro" and input your name. You will see a preview of your Card. Click on view then click on Favorite. It will save your Card to a button on the App's home screen. In your daily routine, you can go to the home screen and click on your favorite button on the home screen to quickly recall your Card so you can use the share feature. The share feature is great for your client' s/customers because they will save you as a favorite, and based on your excellent service, it is always available for them to effortlessly share your Card to their friends.


3. Presentation is a significant part of selling yourself. Most real estate professionals have a website but have a substantial amount of information on it. However, most consumers are not interested in knowing every detail about real estate unless they are one of the ones that would like to enter the industry. Most consumers would instead want "you" to see every aspect of real estate so that "you" can modify the real estate information to address their needs. A consumer's interest is in your presentation and whether it makes them feel confident to connect with you. Eighty-seven percent of consumers don't go to real estate professional's websites because it too broad, and they do not have time to piece the information to their needs, so they rely on referrals from friends.

Product Solution: You can make an excellent presentation by upload your profile picture, writing a concise synopsis about your abilities. Upload up to 10 photos of your work into the slideshow—for instance, upload pictures of houses sold and their sales price. You can upload a video of you welcoming users to your Card, or you can upload an info commercial of your service. The App provides areas to display your license info, your Association, your Speciality, areas you service, your social media links, your company logo, and blog selections. The SPHERE CARD gives concise, pertinent information that excites decisive decisions.

How to Use: After you accept your plan, then you will be able to sign in and set up your Dashboard for your My SphereCard. It usually takes 15 - 20 minutes to set up. If you experience any setup problems, submit a Support Ticket; It is imperative to an excellent presentation that you fill out all relevant areas in your Dashboard.


4. A real estate professional's success depends on an excellent reputation. There are times that misunderstanding happens, and if it left unchecked, it then turns to mistrust. Most big companies know that escalations happen even with the best intentions, and that is why they use the Net Promoter Score system to diffuse unfavorable promotions about their service.

Product Solution: The SPHERE CARD provides real estate professionals access to initiate a Feedback from their clients/customers at any time. The Feedback is on behalf of Real Estate Profinder. When a consumer gives their Feedback, the real estate professional can respond to it in real-time. A real estate professional that creates a resolution usually cement their good reputation that inspires referrals. The SPHERE CARD assists the real estate professional in portraying a good reputation by displaying the real estate professional's license information, their affiliate Association, Accreditation badge, and fair housing logo.

How to Use: To use the "Initiate Feedback" feature on the web, go to then log in under professional. On the menu, click on Feedback and then click on the "Get Feedback" from the drop-down. On the App after login, go to the "Get Feedback" button. Fill in your client/customer name and email in the areas provided and click the send button. The system will send the generic letter to your client/customer with the Feedback request. It is a good idea to send it regardless to all your clients/customers because it is a win either way. If it is a complaint, you get to resolve the issue and protect your reputation. If it a compliment, it re-enforces your good standing with the client/customer that eventually incites referrals.


5. Consumers like real estate professionals that are accessible when they need them. Coordinating time to respond to everyone's concern is a task that real estate professionals face daily because all their clients/customers believe that their transaction is the most important. The balancing act is trying to treat all your clients/customers singular.

Product Solution: The SPHERE CARD has an Appointment Maker so that real estate professionals can select the times that they will be available to accept appointments. Consumers will be able to make arrangements around the real estate professional's availability. The Appointment Maker feature sets the Consumer's expectation. Though SPHERE CARD has the Message feature, it requires registration and login before use for its secure connection. The SPHERE CARD provides a direct call button so consumers can immediately call the real estate professional from their Card. The SPHERE CARD also has a "Get Contact" feature that allows the Consumer to instantly save the real estate professional's Contact to their contact list. An asterisk will appear by your name to make your name distinct in their contact list. Consumers can click on the included link that will take them to your Card on either the web or the mobile App. If they have not downloaded the mobile application, it will take them to the web version of your Card.

How to Use: To use the Appointment Maker, go to the login at Professional then to Profile Setup, and you will see a Dashboard then select the times you are available. Once you setup your Dashboard in its entirety, all the features become automated.

In conclusion, this product deals with a real estate professional's repetitious duties to make some streamline. Once set up in its entirety, the features become automated and will continuously work for you. No one knows how long COVID-19 will be around, but one thing for sure is that the use of technology is the safest workaround to keep businesses moving ahead.

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