Managing Sales Partner

MSP Compensation US $20.00 (301.50 ZAR) per subscription

Managing Partner's duties are to recruit SphereCard Sales Partners. The MP will earn $20 per sale of the Sale Partner. The MP will be responsible for collecting all Payment Forms from Sales Partner and submit them to SPHERE CARD, LLC for processing payment. The MP will consolidate the required payment information from all Sales Partners then submit it to get MP compensation.


How MSP Compensation Works


Example: MP recruits Mary. Mary as a Sales Partner gets Mr. A, B, C, and D to purchase a SphereCard. Based on Mary's sales MP earns $80.00. ($20 x 4 subscriptions = $80.00). If you have 5 Sales Partners and they each sold 4 subscriptions then you will earn $400.00 (6,030.04 ZAR) from their sales.

See below for a sample of the payment form:

SphereCard Sales Commission Form.jpg