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Can't Take Customers for Granted

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

A freelancer, entrepreneur, or business employee's success depends on an excellent customer service reputation. Sometimes, misunderstanding happens, and if it is left unchecked, it then turns to mistrust. Most big companies know that escalations happen even with the best intentions, which is why they use the Net Promoter Score system to diffuse unfavorable promotions about their service.

The SPHERE CARD provides freelancers, entrepreneurs, or business employees access to initiate Feedback from their clients/customers at any time. The Feedback is on behalf of SPHERE CARD. When a consumer gives their Feedback, the freelancer, entrepreneur, or business employee can respond in real-time. A freelancer, entrepreneur, or business employee that resolves customer issues usually cements a good reputation that inspires referrals. The SPHERE CARD assists the freelancer, entrepreneur, or business employee portray a good reputation by displaying the SphereCard Accreditation badge.

To use the "Initiate Feedback" feature on the web, go to, then log in. On the menu, click on Feedback and "Get Feedback" from the drop-down. On the App, go to the "Get Feedback" button after login. Fill in your client/customer's name and email in the areas provided and click the send button. The system will send the generic letter to your client/customer with the Feedback request. It is a clever idea to send it regardless to all your clients/customers because it is a win either way. You get to resolve the issue and protect your reputation if it is a complaint. If it is a compliment, it enforces your good standing with the client/customer, eventually inciting referrals.

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