• Katie Hall

Commitment to Excellence

Real Estate Profinder rely on consumer’s feedback to regulate the protection of consumers. Only consumers that have dealt directly with a real estate professional will know the facts of the issue in question.

How Real Estate Profinder Commitmet to Excellence Work

The way Real Estate Profinder addresses feedback is on levels. There are only three levels. First one is a compliment, the second one is a complaint of negligence, and the third is the complaint of fraud.

Level One - VeriSatisfied Badge

Real Estate Profinder do not publish complaint or compliments, but they do issue a VeriSatisfied award to real estate professionals that get feedback compliments. Real Estate Profinder has a system that accepts feedbacks whether a professional is registered directly with them. Signups that does not have a negative feedback reported to Real Estate Profinder will get a VeriSatisfied Award ddisplayed on their My SphereCard. It is a good marketing strategy to follow-up with the consumers who gave you good feedback and send them a thank-you gift card. It will reinforce great referrals.

Level Two - Complaint of Negligence

If a consumer submits feedback complaining of negligence that was in the real estate professional’s control, the real estate professional has 30 days to resolve with the consumer. If on day 31 a resolve is not reached with the consumer Real Estate Profinder will remove the VeriSatisfied Award from Pro's My SphereCard. The My SphereCard will still be visible but without Verisatisfied Award badge. Once the issue is resolve with consumer the VeriSatified Award is reinstated.

NOTE: Most complaint of negligence is due to a misunderstanding. Usually, when this issue occurs is that the real estate professional took it for granted that the consumer understood everything that surrounds the real estate transaction. Though many circumstances that surround a real estate transaction are not within the control of the real estate professional most consumers, do not know that. However, it is still the responsibility of the real estate professional to let the consumer always know their limitations.

Level Three - Complaint of fraud

If a consumer submits a feedback complaining of fraud alleging that a real estate professional committed that real estate professional’s profile visibility and referral from our database will be inactive immediately pending a resolution. Resolve must be within the term of the subscription.

If there is not resolve by the renewal date, Real Estate Profinder will delete the questionable Profile. However, the real estate professional’s Profile will still be in our database. The real estate professional will forfeit any remaining balance of their yearly subscription. The Profile will not be able to renew a subscription. The only condition that the real estate professional may renew their status is if the consumer who made the complaint state it was a misunderstanding and fraud did not occur during their real estate dealings. It will be the responsibility of the real estate professional in question to send by email to Real Estate Profinder Support to verify and to approve the reinstatement of the real estate professional’s Profile.


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