• Katie Hall

The Key to Success

In this post, you will learn how the SPHERE CARD will support the professional who desires to be the best in their sales and marketing.

My SphereCard Made for The Go Getter

When real estate professionals think about building a business in today's world, they have to access the environment and adapt to it to succeed. In today's environment, the critical thing to note, people depend heavily on their phone, tablet, and computer. Most people have gotten rid of their home phone and rely heavily on their smartphone. Thus, the smartphone is now a utility that everyone must have.

People are using these devices to become more knowledgeable about a service or product before they consume. In a few short years since Amazon creation, Amazon has been taking the majority of consumers from brick and mortar business. The key to Amazon's success is that they use technology to give people the information about a product anytime they want it and make the product available to them anytime they need it. Today's real estate professional has to use the same model to be successful in their profession.

Real estate professionals are usually independent contractors, and from time to time may need to make changes. These changes put the real estate professional at risk of losing some of their client/customer bases. Real Estate Profinder developed the Sphere Card technology with algorithms based on real estate professionals marketing and business needs. It makes it easy for real estate professionals to update their client/customer base at a moment notice so that they do not lose clients or customers because of changes to phone numbers, or location and organize their messages/transactions from their clients.

Real Estate Profinder provides a business structure to make real estate professionals get the credibility they deserve that fosters trust. Trust is a crucial factor in the convergences to sales in today's online marketplace. The Sphere Card makes it easy for a professional to build their business on a shoestring budget as a reputable professional.

Brand of Professionalism and Trust

Real Estate Profinder foster trust in real estate professionals by the professional’s accountable to their clients/customers. This accountability is based on consumer’s feedback. Real Estate Profinder keeps professionals in its referral system that is free from negative consumer’s feedback.

Sphere Card Technology

The primary goal of the Sphere Card technology is to strengthen the real estate professional's sphere of influence. The Sphere Card technology will be able to keep your client/customer base connected to create a more significant marketing opportunity. It put the power of marketing and advertising at the real estate professional's fingertips. The real estate professional will less likely to miss a chance to get a name and phone number of a prospect in the real estate professional's daily routine. The real estate professional can easily share their Sphere Card worldwide with only the pertinent information for what would pique a real estate consumer's interest.


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