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Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Today’s virtual technology is inciting a freelancer trend. The cost of living has gotten so high that most people are living above their means. Some people are trying to find ways to make extra income to stay afloat. App Developers are finding ways to support people being freelancers. For example, some people make income by using their car with Uber and Lyft apps. We have moved from the industrial age to the information age. Now we are moving again to the technology age. All that we do technology supports. Artificial intelligence is going to become second nature. As we progress, there is going to be an application for every task to make the process easier. An application is about merely making the old manual way of doing a thing automated while reducing cost. With the right app, we can do a task more competently—the persons who embrace the technology will be in the position to become successful freelancers. One of the significant challenges of self-employment in the past has always been marketing. Marketing is 90 percent of any business, and it was hard to compete with larger companies that have a marketing staff to present their company as the best choice for consumers. However, technology has leveled the playing field and has given rise to a self-employment trend. Just think about the steps you do with a paper business card to market yourself and think about what you do with a SphereCard then see if they are comparable. Often when bills get out of control, most people wonder what they could do to make more money. They sometimes try to find a part-time job with a company, but that is not easy when you already have a full-time job—some people, market their skills as a freelancer instead. As a freelancer, they have many options. They can work when they want or choose the job they want to accept. Freelancing entails all job types. For instance, a dog walker could be considered a freelancer. A freelancer is one who is self-employed but does not own a brick and mortar business. As a freelancer, you could do the same job as an employee, but you would work based on temporary assignments. You will not get the company benefits such as health insurance and other company benefits, but the wage rate is generally higher. Most people desiring to start their own business should begin by keeping their full-time job as an employee and freelance on the side until they build up enough clientele. Some people work for companies that require their signing of the Non-Compete Clause at the time of their hiring. If such be the case as a freelancer, then you would have to market another service that is not covered. Many skills are marketable to people and companies. Still, just like applying to a company with a resume, you will need to make an excellent presentation of your skills or product to look professional to get hired as a freelancer or to sell your products. Though you start as a freelancer, you should operate with the same determination as an entrepreneur. The virtual technology of the SphereCard will help to keep your overhead cost low while giving the essential virtual tools to market and do business on-the-go efficiently. People use to rely on paper business cards, but they are finding out that people keep SphereCard longer, and it is easy to share from their cellphone. It gives a more colorful presentation about your service or products. For instance, if you were working full-time for a company, you could still reply to your client inquiry in private with the SphereCard. The SphereCard is the most cost-effective means to sell your service or your product to make extra income.

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