• Katie Hall

Lead versus Referral

Many people in general think of a Lead and a Referral as the same difference. There is a big difference between a Lead and a Referral.

Difference between a Lead and Referral

A lead is what you gained by some means to create a business relationship with someone you did not know before. A Referral is when someone of whom you had some ties tells another to call you to use your services. With a lead, you have to sell yourself, but with a referral, someone already sold your capabilities.

The referral usually starts from someone you provided your services, and the person was pleased. However, you may get a reference from someone you don’t know based on the fact of your reputation is passed on to seem like an endorsement to others.

A lead from a company that sells leads either by charging per lead, percentage of your commission, subscription to a territory is considered a generic referral to the consumer. The consumer usually will still have reservations about their reference because they feel that the company is getting paid to say beautiful things about you, so it becomes tough to sell yourself under those conditions. Also, those companies always send two or three other real estate professionals the same lead.

Real Estate Profinder does things differently than those companies because we put the power at your fingertips to create your leads each day. As stated with a Lead, you sell yourself, so by sharing your SPHERE CARD, it becomes your presentation that will sell itself to a lead or potential lead. You can also go sharing your SPHERE CARD on social media anytime with ease, and you can share it with friends and family, which is a slam dunk. Going about your day, anyone you come into contact with, you can share your SPHERE CARD with them. At the very time, you share it with others; you automatically got a potential lead.

Real Estate Profinder does not charge a percentage of your commission because we are a technology-based company. Our process is automated so that we can reduce the cost to our subscribers. Periodically we make updates continually improving the system to make you work efficiently and to support your marketing means. Our model is to make marketing for real estate professionals effective and affordable. It is our goal to help real estate professionals that are committed to excellence with the most cost-effective marketing so that they have a higher chance of surviving through the many market cycles.


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