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Reinforcement Marketing

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Responding timely to Customer Issues Reinforcement Marketing

A critical duty of a freelancer, entrepreneur, or business employee is to inform their client of an issue in a reasonable time. You sometimes send a text to your clients, and you send essential materials by email. Those two lines of communication make you look at two different areas to piece everything together. With email, you must examine if your document ended up in the spam folder or look through many emails to find that document. Your client is subjected to the same issue, even more so because they don't have a dedicated email for your communication.

The better the experience people can have used your service. It betters your return business—the SPHERE CARD helps to give your customers a wonderful experience. Customers like to feel important, and one way of doing that is by responding to them quickly. That is often easier said than done because, as a businessperson, you are a public servant. This means you must be everywhere attending to everybody; if a person does not get a timely response, everything goes sour. The SphereCard message feature helps to prevent your name from being hauled through the mud by making it possible for you to respond from anywhere promptly. It has a message feature that sends documents with Messages between you both. There is also a file system that also stores documents separately for instant recall. Your entire Consumer's communication is focused in one place, so there is no confusion. A freelancer, entrepreneur, or business employee that lets all their clients sign up as a consumer to use the Message feature can keep their communication organized between them and their client's/customers. When you send your client a Contract or amendment, a notification will appear on their device. This feature allows flexibility for the freelancer, entrepreneur, or business employee to handle their business on the go.

To use this feature, all your consumers must download the free SphereCard mobile App or use on the web so that your consumer register and sign in. They click on "Search by Name" from the menu and enter their name. Your SphereCard pops up, and your client/customer clicks on Message. You can send messages back and forth. Your client can click on Favorite on your SphereCard, and it will save your SphereCard to a button on your client's app home screen for quick recall to your SphereCard.

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