Understanding Social Media Advertising

Updated: Mar 13

Marketing is 90 percent of your business, so if you don’t advertise, you will not get any business. Consumers need to know what problem you specialize in solving for them to see the value of using your service. Often people follow the myth that social media is the solution to all their marketing needs. They assume that all they have to do is create an ad and upload it and display it free of cost to social media for their phones to ring. If it was that accessible social media would create millionaires out of everyone daily.

When you post an ad on social media, you usually get solicited to promote your Ad to demographics of your choice. They typically offer six days for $30 to $50 and tell you can reach a few thousand people. There is no guarantee that people will click on your link to your website. However, your campaign is viewed as successful when your Ad shows up as an impression meaning it showed on someone’s screen whether they saw it or not; they class that as brand awareness. Advertising on social media to stay relevant is costly, based on the return on your investment.

Social media creates the seduction for you to believe it is your ultimate marketing solution to access where a lot of people hang out. To advertise free to a lot of people on social media, you have to first establish followers by sending invites. You can create followers by accepting followers. When you approve the followers, their post comes to you. When you follow someone, then they get notified that they have a follower. At that point, the decision to follow you or not is theirs. Many people don’t return the favor, so you can end up following more than you get followed. People who decide to follow may click on your user name to see your profile, and if it interests them, they may choose to follow you. The drawback is that someone who follows you may live on the other side of the world, and that is not going to do any good if your advertised service is only available in your locality. So to get the benefits of social media advertising, you will have to pay to run your Ad continuously in your chosen demographics.

Social media is unique in that it makes people accept getting ads that they would typically write-off as spam and not tolerate it in their free email account. Similarly, a bikini worn on a beach is perceived as underwear when worn covered in a different atmosphere based solely on perception. Thus, the marketing presentation of your service has to be strategic for positive results. Social media is powerful where an entertaining gimmick can go viral by your followers, share it with their followers, and so on.

Social media is not a replacement for the concept of how a business card markets you and your service. Usually, the paper business card is to create followers by sharing it “in-person” to someone. At that time, you were able to make your pitch about you and your service, so all they needed is your contact information. There is always hope the shared card will also get shared with others. However, the paper business card has its problems as well, where it loses its effectiveness.

When you buy business cards, you are stuck with the printed information on it. If you change your phone number or your address, then you have to buy a new stack to correct it. Also, you can lose the people that got them initially because of the change. Usually, you carry around a pile of the business card to hand out, but due to paper, they may get bent and don’t look presentably of your brand. Paper business cards get inconvenient for people to carry around because most people do not want to use paper anymore. A common issue is that a person who you gave your business card to may give it to someone else but did not write down your contact information, so when they share your card, then they don’t have your contact information anymore.

SPHERE CARD, LLC, developed the technology to create a solution to the business marketing problems of the past by creating a smart business card called the SphereCard. It provides the flexibility to change pertinent information at will without losing your followers. The SphereCard allows you to display your pitch about you and your service so consumers will have the reason to hire your services. Consumers will be able to contact you or conduct business without going through the complexities that come with email, such as your business email ends up as spam mail or looking through a bunch of spam mail to find your business email. The SphereCard can create more followers by making it easy for people to share your information without the sharer losing your data. The slideshow display and video upload option enable you to market your services persuasively. SphereCard is the future of business cards.

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