• Katie Hall

Sphere of Influence

Updated: Feb 25

Successful real estate professionals know that their sphere of influence is worth its weight in gold. Sphere of influence is word of mouth marketing. We all heard through time that word of mouth is the best marketing tool to date.

Harness the Power of the Sphere of Influence and Dance

Well, when someone refers someone to you, it is perceived that the person who referred you endorse you. Megabrands know that endorsement is useful in marketing; that is why they spend the big bucks to get famous athletes and celebrities to recommend their brand. The Sphere Card makes it possible to get endorsements on a shoestring budget.

The Sphere Card keeps you connected with your past clientele, meanwhile making you develop good marketing habits. Frequently real estate professionals will hand out a business card and then bid farewell. Now, what if you said to a potential client; “let me get your phone number so I can share My SphereCard with you, so you will have it anytime you need it.”

When they say ok you get two power moves. You get their phone number that you add to your contact list labeled potential customer and then you get to share your Sphere Card with the potential client. Now once per month, you can send that person an informational text.

Another issue that breaks your sphere of influence is when you change companies or phone numbers. When you make changes to your business card, most of your base customers may be lost, and it is like starting all over again. With the Sphere Card, when you change companies or phone numbers, everyone gets the update instantly.

The Sphere Card is explicitly designed to support the sphere of influence needs of the real estate professional with the use of Real Estate Profinder Technology.


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