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Stay Accessible Without Burnout

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Consumers like freelancers, entrepreneurs, or business employees that are accessible when they need them. Coordinating time to respond to everyone's concerns is a task that freelancers, entrepreneurs, or business employees face daily because all their clients/customers believe that their transaction is the most important.

The SPHERE CARD has an Appointment Maker, so freelancers, entrepreneurs, or business employees can select the times they will be available to accept appointments. Consumers can decide on the availability of freelancers, entrepreneurs, or business employees. The Appointment Maker feature sets the Consumer's expectations. Though SPHERE CARD has the Message feature, it requires registration and login before use for its secure connection. The SPHERE CARD provides a direct call button so consumers can immediately call the freelancer, entrepreneur, or business employee from their Card. The SPHERE CARD also has a "Get Contact" feature that allows the Consumer to instantly save the freelancers, entrepreneurs, or business employee's Contact to their contact list. An asterisk will appear by your name to make your name distinct in their contact list. Consumers can click on the included link that will take them to your SphereCard on either the web or the mobile App. If they have not downloaded the mobile application, it will take them to the web version of your SphereCard.

To use the Appointment Maker, go to the login, then to Profile Setup, and you will see a Dashboard. Then select the times you are available. Once you set up your Dashboard, all the features become automated.

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