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Updated: Oct 3

The My SphereCard is easily shared to your sphere of influence such as social media to your friends, in an email, or ask others to give you a referral by sharing your SphereCard within their sphere of influence.

"You will never run out of SphereCard"

Sharing the My SphereCard is more meaningful than a business card because it is a remote customer service app. It is a way of meeting your customer anywhere; before you had to walk around daily with a bulk of business cards to market your business. You will never run out of SphereCard. Most people throw away your business cards not because they would not use you but because it is an annoyance to keep. However, the My SphereCard makes you always available on the spot, and it is never an annoyance for a consumer to keep.

You can now place a video personally greeting everyone who comes to your profile so they can see your personality or you can provide a video that speaks to your type of service. This method is compelling in converting consumers to do business with you.

Upload display pictures that speak to your business. For instance, real estate agents can upload listings and give a short narrative and price for each listing. They could also show photographs of the house they last sold with the sold price; This is another powerful method in converting consumers to do business with you.

In most cases, you communicate by email because they can upload documents. The one drawback about this method is the amount of unnecessary email or junk mail that comes to your email. Sometimes the useless email may overshadow a vital email that has to do with your transaction. The Message feature allows the professional and their client to communicate in focus securely privately. Both the client and the professional can upload documents into their thread of conversation. They can use a keyword to find parts of their discussion for quick recall quickly. There is a file in the message feature that keeps all uploaded documents that you can easily retrieve. This method adds to the ascetics of your professionalism and also gives you the flexibility to respond effectively to inquiries quickly and efficiently.

Professionals can establish the times they are available, and then consumers can make appointments from your Sphere Card anytime. This method gives you the flexibility that is always needed by self-employed professionals. You will be able to budget your time more efficiently.

Most professionals are self-employed and many changes can occur ever so often. Changes not done properly can cause mistakes to your base consumers. Regardless of the changes, you make you can easily update your information in your Sphere Card within a few minutes. This method gives you the consistency you need in a marketplace that has stiff competition.

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