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Tips to Make Money Catering

Updated: Mar 7

Some people love to cook, and they have a certain chemistry with food that they know how to combine different types of foods to make a flavourful and delicious dish. Many people with natural skills are only known to their family and friends. Some of their co-workers have probably offered to pay them if they cook lunch for them and bring it in. The catering business is a good business to start part-time for those with cooking skills.

In the United States, there are holiday parties, weddings, and special events for people who would love to hire someone with the required skill. The average cost of wedding catering is more or less around $8,840 or $65 per plate to the low end, $20 per plate.

Tip #1 - Create a menu and write down the recipe for each dish.

Cooking for family and friends is different from cooking for many people. Most people develop a feel for cooking for small groups and often add ingredients off estimation. It is different when entering into doing it commercially. You want to get your recipe down to a science for many purposes. 1. Consistency in taste. This is the make-or-break it for your catering business. They cannot substitute margarine for butter because it will taste different from what they originally expected. 2. It allows you to use others to help, especially when preparing for a large event. 3. It will help in your estimation of cost and profit.

Tip #2 - Create a business plan, and get the necessary license and insurance.

A business plan causes you to think about every issue you may encounter and how to solve it, so your business runs smoothly. Most people usually form an LLC as opposed to a Corporation. An LLC is easier to put together than a corporation; however, it is best to talk with a CPA accountant to weigh the pros and cons. Some states may require to have a commercial kitchen. The great thing about a catering business is that you do not have to be located in a high-rent district because it is not a walk-in type business. Also, you could work out an agreement to rent the kitchen from a local church, restaurant, or community center part-time to keep your cost down.

"The market size of the catering sector in the United States grew by roughly 16 percent in 2021 over the previous year. Overall, the sector was estimated to have a valuation of 9.51 billion U.S: dollars in 2021. Moreover, the U.S. catering sector was forecast to be worth 10.59 billion U.S. dollars in 2022." by Statista.

Tip #3 - Make it your daily duty to share your catering service with each person you meet and on social media.

Employing the MySphereCard app's features will help you promote your catering business from a peer-to-peer marketing standpoint. For example, it allows you to print a flyer of your My SphereCard app, which includes a QR code so that users can use their QR reader to take them to your online SphereCard so they can click to call, video chat, message or make appointment that records on it built-in calendar that notifies you when an Appointment is received, so you do not miss an opportunity. They will learn more about your skill when they see a slideshow of various dishes and a promotional video of you in action. Of course, you will need to take pictures and videos of your work and upload them. When people contact you to inquire about your service, personal contact enables you to build a business relationship with trust and transparency. It gives you the convenience of meeting and dealing with them remotely. It saves time and cost in driving to meet with them face to face. However, you both get the picture of each other ideas. Suppose your business client was in Europe but needed you to provide catering for their return event. You could iron out details without limitations. The call is free with the internet or an unlimited data plan. Consumers can see your country's local time on your SphereCard so they can contact you within your business hours. The mobile app allows customers to keep and share it with friends, family, and associates. Furthermore, you can use it on any smartphone, tablet, or computer. The devices do not have to be their own to use your SphereCard.

Tip #4 - Start to build trust with Consumers by displaying a profile picture and using video chat when possible.

Most consumers like to interview people they would like to hire. You must show your recent profile picture and video chat with all inquiries. It is not about how glamorous or handsome you are but how sincere and invested you are in satisfying your customer's stay. They would like to know what to expect. It would be best if you made yourself available to answer any questions they may have and allow them to assess their comfort with you. Consumers do business with whomever they like.

My SphereCard business card app is key to building a successful catering business. Buy Now; Click Here. Learn more about the My SphereCard app.

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