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Website Overkill

Presentation is a significant part of selling yourself. Most freelancers, entrepreneurs, or business employees have a website but have a substantial amount of information on it. However, most consumers are not interested in knowing every detail about the general task unless they are one of the ones that would like to enter the industry. Most consumers would instead want "you" to see every aspect of their task so that "you" can modify the task's information to address their needs. A consumer's interest is in your presentation and whether it makes them feel confident to connect with you. Eighty-seven percent of consumers don't go to websites that are too broad because they do not have time to piece the information to their needs, so they rely on referrals from friends.

The SphereCard makes you get an excellent presentation by the upload of your profile picture, writing a concise synopsis about your abilities. Upload up to 10 photos of your work into the slideshow—for instance; upload pictures of product/service and their price. You can upload a video of you welcoming users to your SphereCard, or you can upload an info commercial of your use. The App provides areas to display your Specialty, areas you service, your social media links, and your company logo. The SPHERE CARD gives concise, pertinent information that excites essential decisions.

After you accept your plan, then you will be able to sign in and set up your Dashboard for your My SphereCard. It usually takes 15 - 20 minutes to set up. If you experience any setup problems, submit a Support Ticket; It is imperative to an excellent presentation that you fill out all relevant areas in your Dashboard.

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