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Why SphereCard?

Hand holding a wooden puzzle with the word solution. There is a matching puzzle next to it

SphereCard is a marketplace platform for freelance professionals, startups, and established enterprises to enhance marketing and customer service strategies.

  • Find My SphereCard directory helps you get hired or sell your products.

  • SphereCard is better for sharing your business information than a vCard, as it is safer for the receiving party and allows you to share more detailed information.

  • SphereCard messenger communication technology enhances customer loyalty and increases sales.

  • SphereCard provides your business with your own Android, iPhone, and web application. It displays your products or services on the three platforms.

  • SphereCard communication technology allows you and your customers to send and receive secure messages, get notifications, and make voice/video chat and conference calls globally for free with wifi or unlimited data from your carrier. 

  • SphereCard allows you to work remotely from anywhere in the world where you can connect to wifi or unlimited data, whether a cellphone, tablet, or computer. If you forget your device, you can use your SphereCard on a borrowed device without compromising security.

  • SphereCard makes it easy for your customers to make orderly appointments. It has a built-in calendar. It notifies you each time an Appointment is received and sends a reminder to the customers.​

  • SphereCard helps protect your reputation with a feedback resolution system.

  • SphereCard displays your time zone, ensuring that people worldwide will contact you during local hours.

  • SphereCard improves the SEO ranking of your existing website by creating backlinks to your website.

  • The features of this product result in a highly profitable return on investment (ROI).​



Your clientele can indulge in a top-notch experience at the convenience of their chosen setting.

Marketing Advantage

Marketing Advantage

Establishing a reliable connection via video chat can enhance your sales and increase profits. 



Interacting with your business will leave your customers with a favorable impression.

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