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Camera & Microphone Permission

Your web browser has to get your permission to use your microphone and camera for Web SphereCard calling feature to make and receive calls.

Most PC browsers will show a lock in the corner of where you would write your search words. On Apple Safari in the corner of its browser, it will show AA. On PC click on the lock and it will quickly take you to the Camera and Microphone section where you can allow the use of them. On Safari click on the AA then click on Website Setting to take you to Camera and Microphone.

mic camera permission setup

The following are the steps to give Google browser permission for you to use a microphone and camera if you do not see the lock:

1. Go to the right top of your browser and you will see three dots as shown in the illustration on the right outlined in red. Click on the 3 dots then look for "Settings." Click on "Settings" then you will see "Privacy & Security."

mic camera permission setup

2. In "Settings" below outlined in red you will see "Privacy and Security." On the right, you will then see "Site Settings." Click on "Site Settings" then look for "Camera" and "Microphone."

mic camera permission setup

3. When you click on "Site Settings" that section will change and you will see Camera and Microphone. Click on each one then click on Allow. You are ready to make and receive calls.

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