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Strategies for Nurturing and Growing Your Business

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

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Growing Business

Many dream of starting a business and becoming an instant success, but they find it takes work. Building a reputable and profitable business takes a considerable amount of time. For people to patronize your business, it must provide quality services consistently. The way people get introduced to your quality service is by people telling people. Therefore, the key to success is positioning your business to inspire people to spread the word about your services. The “old formula” that “word of mouth is the best marketing tool” is still relevant today.

Advertising, in most cases, creates brand awareness and subliminal reinforcement. Spending big on big media advertisements and social media does not guarantee an immediate return on investment. When an ad is on TV, most people choose to do other things, so their full attention is not on the commercial. Also, using email marketing is not a solution because most people tend to put up a mental block to advertisements sent by email; Therefore, the “old formula” is still the best marketing tool to date. People don’t tolerate unsolicited information from a stranger, but they will from a friend. People look to their friends for opinions on who they should use for the services they need.

Successful businesspeople prioritize excellent customer service. They make it a rule to address detractors quickly because they know sad news travels quicker than good news. They usually find ways to nurture their customer’s loyalty. However, some businesspeople started right but did actions that defeated their purpose to expand. For instance, they never devise a means to get their customer’s cellphone numbers. They never shared their business contact information with their customers. They change the location and change their phone numbers on their business card. Changing a phone number may seem simple, but it can wipe out a significant amount of your customer base, making you feel like you are always starting over. In a market full of competition, customers will not go through in-depth research to relocate; without an updateable network, businesses fail.

In construction, you put mortar between building blocks to keep them stable. Well, it is the same difference. It would be best to implement something that keeps your customers informed and accessible. You must consider each customer as a building block, and the My SphereCard business card is that mortar that holds your customer build intact. The SphereCard aims to provide the ways and means for businesses to nurture their invaluable customers on a personal level. It builds customer relationships because it helps organize your communication, which improves efficiency. For instance, no matter how many times you change your phone number or location, everyone you give the My SphereCard will automatically get the update. Your customer can use “Find My SphereCard” to find your business card. The SphereCard is accessible by web or mobile app, so whether a person has a cellphone, there is a way to access your business card.

SphereCard makes it easy for your customers, friends, and family to share your business card so that growing your business becomes automated. SphereCard is not social media, but when someone uses your SphereCard, you have a real follower who will endorse your business or service.

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