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The Importance of Consistently Valuing Your Customers in Business

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

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Customer Service

The success of a freelancer, entrepreneur, or business employee is intrinsically linked to their reputation for excellent customer service. However, misunderstandings can occur, and if left unresolved, they can erode trust. Even the most well-intentioned companies may experience escalations, so they use the Net Promoter Score system to mitigate negative feedback about their services.

The SphereCard is an innovative solution that allows freelancers, entrepreneurs, or business employees to solicit feedback from their clients or customers anytime. This feedback is collected on SphereCard's behalf; once received, the freelancer, entrepreneur, or business employee can respond promptly. Addressing customer concerns and issues can help cement a positive reputation, which, in turn, inspires referrals. By displaying the SphereCard Accreditation badge, freelancers, entrepreneurs, or business employees establish and maintain a good reputation.

To utilize the "Initiate Feedback" feature on the web, navigate to and log in. Click the Feedback button and select "Get Feedback" from the drop-down menu. On the app, log in and proceed to the "Get Feedback" button. Enter your client's or customer's name and email in the provided fields, and click the send button. The system will automatically send a generic letter requesting feedback on your behalf. It is recommended that you send this request to all of your clients or customers, regardless of whether or not there is an issue to address. Doing so will not only help you resolve any concerns that may arise, but it will also help you maintain a positive reputation and encourage referrals by valuing your customers.

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