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Tips to Continually Make Big Money in Car Sales

Updated: 5 days ago

Over time, I have bought several cars and repeatedly see common mistakes car salespeople make. Later, you return to the same dealer. They are no longer working there because they are not making enough money. As a car salesperson, you cannot make enough money relying on consumers' walk-ins to the car sales room where every salesperson competes. You must develop a plan to bring in customers to support your sales to make the money that makes you live comfortably without burning yourself out by spending ridiculous hours waiting for that one big catch customer.

You ask how this is possible. It would be best if you built a network of customers that stay attached to you. Remember, you are quasi-self-employed.

Tip #1 - Everything starts with providing good customer service.

A great salesperson first finds out what activities customers intend to do with their new vehicle—that question sets the stage to give the customer a satisfying experience. After the salesperson hears all the customer's interests and uses for the car, they can recommend the type of vehicle and options to let the customer know that the salesperson had their best interest in mind and not their pocket. Fitting customers with the right car is like providing them with the right shoe for their feet.

Tip #2 - Make Yourself Available for Follow-up Questions Without Burnouts.

Most people do not buy a car immediately on the spot, so most of the time, after their visit, they may have follow-up questions. The problem is that salespeople cannot answer follow-up questions when the customer needs them. Most customers like to ask questions face to face to determine the sincerity of the answer. If a customer stops by the salesroom and another salesperson answers the closing question, the customer may get attached to the new salesperson.

"Sales isn’t about picking up the phone and harassing uninterested people. Great salespeople are trying to build a business. They look at sales not as something they do to people, but as a collaborative process between themselves and the client. Good sales skills can mean more money in your pocket and a better customer experience." – Lydia Vargo - Forbes Business Development Center

Tip #3 - Employ time-saving technology to help improve your salesmanship.

The trust factor is important in new and used car sales. A person does not buy cars every week, so after you sell that one car, then what? It would be best if you always positioned yourself to get a referral from your customer's friends, family, and associates. Most car salespersons give a paper business card and do not ask for their name and phone number, so they do not create the lead. The reason they don't is that they do not want to feel odd or come off too aggressive. The My SphereCard app makes you build a personable, professional relationship that satisfies your customers. It makes you available for follow-ups remotely, which saves time meeting customers face to face, as most customers desire in that situation.

The My SphereCard app smooths out your kinks in getting leads and referrals. For example, say you meet a customer and want to share your SphereCard, "Hi, Ms. Customer, let me share My SphereCard with your phone. What is your phone number?" Customers are willing to give their phone numbers when presented in that fashion every time. The app provides a means to create a contact for the customer's name and number, then saves it with the My logo and an asterisk beside the contact's name to remind you that it is a lead on your smartphone. To complete the share, you are taken to several mediums to share the invite. Most people tend to use messages. You start typing the customer's name and will see their name with the asterisk, then click on send. It is done! The customer will see your picture and title; they can video chat with you, including learning more about your service and offers. When your customer clicks on the link on your invite, it takes them to your online SphereCard, where they can download your SphereCard mobile app or use your online SphereCard. They can message, click to call, or video chat with you.

Tip #4 - Build a customer base and make it easy for your customers to refer you to their friends, family, and associates.

In the same fashion you share your SphereCard with the customer, the customer can share your SphereCard with their friend, family, and associates. Your SphereCard should have a promotional video and display of cars or specials. When your SphereCard is shared, it will have your promotional presentation about you and your Specialty. Also, it allows everyone with your SphereCard to print your flyer with a QR code. When they use the QR code, it takes them to your online SphereCard so they can click and call you or learn about your service and offers. It is great to post in high-traffic areas to attract more customers. A person can make an appointment with you that shows on the SphereCard built-in calendar that notifies you so you can respond immediately. The key to building a successful base is My SphereCard because all the features enable you to remotely give customer service and conveniently save time on most communication chores.

Car Salespeople can make money using My SphereCard to enhance their salesmanship and grow their business. Buy Now; click Here to learn more about My SphereCard, the only connection card you will ever need.

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