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Consistently Earn a Fortune in the Auto Industry

Updated: Jul 20

Throughout the years, I have purchased multiple cars and noticed common errors made by car salespeople. Upon returning to the same dealership, I discovered that some salespeople were no longer employed due to insufficient earnings. As a car salesperson, relying solely on walk-in customers to the sales room will not suffice. To achieve financial stability and avoid burnout from waiting for that one significant customer, you must devise a plan to attract customers and develop a loyal customer base.

You may be wondering how to achieve this. The key is to build a network of customers who remain loyal to you. Keep in mind that you are essentially self-employed.

Tip #1 - Everything starts with providing good customer service.

To ensure a satisfying customer experience, a skilled salesperson begins by inquiring about the intended use of the new vehicle. This knowledge allows them to recommend the appropriate vehicle type and options that align with the customer's interests and needs, demonstrating their sincere interest in satisfaction rather than financial gain. Ultimately, matching customers with the perfect car is akin to providing them with the ideal shoe for their feet.

Tip #2 - Make Yourself Available for Follow-up Questions Without Burnouts.

It's common for individuals to refrain from making an immediate car purchase after visiting a dealership. As a result, they may have inquiries that require follow-up. However, the issue is that salespeople may be unable to answer these questions when the customer needs them. Typically, customers prefer to ask questions in person to gauge the authenticity of the response. If a customer returns to the salesroom and a different salesperson addresses their final inquiry, they may become attached to the new representative.

"Sales isn’t about picking up the phone and harassing uninterested people. Great salespeople are trying to build a business. They look at sales not as something they do to people, but as a collaborative process between themselves and the client. Good sales skills can mean more money in your pocket and a better customer experience." – Lydia Vargo - Forbes Business Development Center

Tip #3 - Employ time-saving technology to help improve your salesmanship.

Establishing trust is crucial when it comes to buying both new and used cars. As individuals don't make car purchases every week, earning a referral from satisfied customers' friends, family, and associates is essential. Unfortunately, most car salespeople only provide a paper business card without requesting the customer's contact information, failing to create a valuable lead. The reason behind this is their reluctance to appear pushy or uncomfortable. However, the SphereCard app allows you to develop a personalized and professional connection with your customers, leading to higher satisfaction rates and increased referrals. With the option to follow up remotely, you can save time while meeting your customer's needs and preferences.

The SphereCard app simplifies the process of getting leads and referrals. For instance, if you meet a potential customer and want to share your SphereCard, you can say something like, "Hi, may I share My SphereCard with your phone number, Ms. Customer?" Customers are usually willing to provide their phone numbers in this manner. The app allows you to create a contact for the customer's name and number, which is then saved with the My logo and an asterisk next to the contact's name on your smartphone to remind you that it is a lead. You can use various mediums to complete the share, with most people opting for messaging. When you start typing the customer's name, you will see their name with the asterisk, and you can click on send to share your SphereCard. The customer will see your picture and title, and they can even video chat with you to learn more about your services and offers. When they click on the link in your invite, they will be taken to your online SphereCard, where they can download your SphereCard mobile app or use your online SphereCard to message, call, or video chat with you.

Tip #4 - Build a customer base and make it easy for your customers to refer you to their friends, family, and associates.

When you share your SphereCard with a customer, they can, in turn, share it with their friends, family, and associates. Your SphereCard should include a promotional video showcasing your specialties and any current deals or specials. When your SphereCard is shared, it will feature your promotional presentation and allow everyone with your SphereCard to print your flyer complete with a QR code. This code will take them directly to your online SphereCard, where they can learn more about your services and offers and even click to call you. You can post your SphereCard in high-traffic areas to attract more customers and even allow them to schedule appointments with you through the built-in calendar function. With all these features, SphereCard is the key to building a successful customer base while saving time on communication chores.

As a car salesperson, you can boost your sales skills and expand your business with the help of SphereCard. Discover more about this all-in-one marketing and customer service app by clicking here and purchasing today.

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