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4 Strategies for Consistently Earning a Fortune in the Auto Industry

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Over time, I have purchased several cars and have noticed common mistakes made by car salespeople. Subsequently, upon returning to the same dealership, I found that the salesperson was no longer present, as they could not earn a sufficient income. As a car salesperson, relying solely on walk-in customers to the salesroom where every salesperson competes for attention is not feasible. It is imperative to develop a strategy that brings in customers and ensures their continued loyalty.

Car salesman meet with male and female customers
Car Sales

Building a network of customers is crucial, as a car salesperson is quasi-self-employed and must cultivate a stable client base. Achieving this requires going beyond traditional sales techniques and establishing meaningful customer connections. By providing exceptional customer service and fostering positive relationships, a salesperson can ensure that customers return for future purchases and are more likely to recommend them to others. Ultimately, a successful salesperson must prioritize customer satisfaction and work to establish a reputation as a trusted and reliable resource in the industry.

Tip #1 - Everything starts with providing good customer service.

In the field of sales, a salesperson must engage in an initial inquiry about the customer's intended activities with their newly acquired vehicle. This inquiry sets the tone for a customer-centric approach that prioritizes customer satisfaction. By understanding the customer's interests and uses for the car, the salesperson can provide tailored recommendations for the type of vehicle and options that would best suit their needs. This approach ensures that the salesperson focuses on serving the customer's interests rather than their financial gain. Matching customers with the right vehicle can be likened to fitting the right shoe to one's foot, ensuring maximum comfort and an enjoyable experience.

Tip #2 - Make Yourself Available for Follow-up Questions Without Burnouts.

In the automobile industry, purchasing a car is not an immediate decision for most customers. Therefore, after they visit the dealership, they may have follow-up questions that require clarification. Unfortunately, salespeople are often unavailable to address these queries when customers need them. Most customers prefer to ask questions in person because they believe face-to-face interactions are more genuine. Suppose a customer returns to the salesroom, but a different salesperson responds satisfactorily to their inquiries. In that case, they may develop an attachment to the new salesperson, leaving the original salesperson disadvantaged.

Tip #3 - Employ time-saving technology to help improve your salesmanship.

The factor of trust is of vital importance in the sale of both new and used cars. Given that purchasing a vehicle is rare, one must position oneself to receive referrals from customers' friends, family, and acquaintances. Most car salespeople offer a paper business card without requesting the individual's name and phone number, resulting in lost leads. The reluctance to ask is likely due to a fear of appearing intrusive or overly assertive. The SphereCard app resolves this issue by facilitating the development of a personalized and professional relationship with customers while accommodating remote follow-up interactions, thereby saving time meeting customers in person.

The SphereCard app serves to streamline the acquisition of leads and referrals. For instance, if a potential customer expresses interest in your SphereCard during a meeting, you may say, "Good day, Ms. Customer. May I share My SphereCard with your phone number?" Such a courteous approach will likely elicit a positive response from the customer, who will readily provide their contact details. The app includes an option to create a contact for the customer, which is then saved on your smartphone with the My logo and an asterisk next to the name, indicating that it is a lead. Sharing a SphereCard, the user is given several mediums, with messaging being the most commonly used medium. After typing the customer's name, you may send the card, including your picture and title. Customers may then use the link provided in the card to access your online SphereCard, where they may download your SphereCard mobile app or use your online SphereCard. Customers can use messaging, call, or even video chat with you through the app.

Tip #4 - Build a customer base and make it easy for your customers to refer you to their friends, family, and associates.

Like sharing your SphereCard with a customer, the customer can share your SphereCard with their friends, family, and associates. Your SphereCard should comprise a promotional video and display of your cars or specials. Upon sharing, your promotional presentation about your specialty and yourself is readily available to the recipient. Everyone with your SphereCard can print your flyer with a QR code. The QR code directs them to your online SphereCard, allowing them to click and call you or learn about your services and offers. Placing your SphereCard in high-traffic areas is a great strategy for attracting more customers. The SphereCard built-in calendar enables a person to make an appointment with you, which notifies you, allowing you to respond immediately. The key to building a successful customer base is My SphereCard. All its features enable you to remotely provide customer service and save time on most communication chores.

Car salespeople can leverage SphereCard to enhance their salesmanship and grow their business, making them more money. Buy Now; click Here to learn more about SphereCard, the only Business card you will ever need.

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